Communicate & Share Your Event

  • Created : 10th December, 2016
  • Last Updated: 6th January, 2017

Table of Contents

Once the tournament is published, it is important that you promote it and share event.

Promoting your event

To promote your event, use the Get Short Link option under the Communication & Share section of your Tournament homepage.


A short link is a shortened version of the original URL for the tournament, it makes posting to various platforms quick and easy.  Copy the short link in the pop-up window and share via social media or paste on promotional material. From the link, players will be able to click on the link, log in or sign up  and then enter the tournament.

Communicating your event

Send Activation Emails

This feature allows you to send emails to entered players to remind them to activate their emails. When a player and/or parent activates their emails, they will receive any communication you send through. Simply click “Send Activation Emails” under the Setup the Tournament section on your Tournament hompage and follow the prompts.



Email Registered Participants

If you want to share information about the event to your registered participants, select Email Registered Participants under the Communicate and Share section of your tournament dashboard.   Select your interested audience from the checkboxes provided, you can choose to email players or groups according to the different draws your tournament has.


Type the subject and contents of the email. You can personalize your email with the Merge Fields. Once complete, scroll down the page and click “Send”.

Email Prospects

Players can now show interest in an event without actually signing up through the I'm Interested feature which sends the user a reminder a week before the entries close so they can sign up for the event.  It also gives event organizers an opportunity to communicate with prospective players.  When i player has shown interest in an event, it will show up on their dashboard.


From the Tournament Dashboard, it is important to check if you have any prospects which is displayed in brackets next to the title. Select Email Prospects and build your email. Hit Send when done.


Post some news

A great way to promote your event on your participant's dashboards is putting up a post. Select the Post News title under the Communicate & Share section of your tournament homepage. Complete the steps and hit Post.  The post will display on dashboards of your  participants and prospects under Announcements.