• Created : 18th December, 2016
  • Last Updated: 6th January, 2017

Table of Contents

The next section will cover all scheduling for your tournament including:

  • Scheduling Tournament Times
  • Manually Scheduling Matches
  • Auto Scheduling Matches
  • Match Calendar
  • Scheduling Conflicts

Scheduling Tournament Times

To schedule your tournament's times, head back to your tournament's home page. Under the Scheduling section of your administrator bar, select Schedule Tournament Times.

Note: Before you can create your event schedule, you must lock all of your draws. You can do this by visiting the draw page for each division and clicking the lock button at the top of the page. 

Under the Tournament Calendar, you can enter the dates and times for each day of the event. If you added the dates and times for each day in the Tournament Settings when creating your tournament, this section will already be completed.

Add the dates and times for each day and click Add to Calendar.  You can add up to 5 days at a single time. If you have more days, simply repeat the process.

Scheduling Matches

in terms of scheduling matches, PsortyHQ has two options which you can use.  You can either manually schedule matches or use the auto scheduling option.

Manually Schedule Matches

To manually schedule matches, select Manually Schedule Matches from your tournament's home page.

Next to each player, select the court number which you would like them to play on from the drop-down menu. Add the date and time, this will be saved in real time so there is no submit button.

Auto Schedule Matches

Scheduling matches can be challenging but SportyHQ has a powerful auto scheduler that offers a range of options, making the process quick and easy. To use this great feature, click on the Auto Schedule Matches from your tournament's home page.  This page has a range of options so we will start from the top. 

The Tournament Information section gives you a quick snapshot of your draws including the number of players, rounds, matches in each draw and whether your draws are locked.  You can re-arrange the order in which draws are scheduled by dragging and dropping the draw to different location.  The draws will be scheduled in the order the list displays.

Note: SportyHQ strongly encourages that draws with the most rounds are put at the top of the list.

The next step is to select the draws you would like to schedule in the Which Matches? section. Should you be using a MONRAD draw, you can also choose which brackets you would like to schedule by clicking the Let me choose... option.  Choose which rounds you want to schedule. In a round robin, should you have 5 matches in your round robin box, the first 2 or 3 rounds should equate to those matches.

Select which matches are to be scheduled.  There are a few options here: 


Select the Courts you would like to use and add the times and dates you would like to start scheduling from.  Only the dates which were set in Scheduling time will show in the Date drop-down menu.

In the Advanced Options section, you can set up other parameters such as Rest Time, Time Per Match and Matches Per Day.  For the Rest time feature, you can select the simple option which will  have a blanket rest time across all of your divisions or select the Advanced option if you would like to set the rest time on a per division basis.

Set the time per match, again you can select the simple option if you would like the same time for all matches across all divisions or select the Advanced option if you would like to set the match time on a division by division basis.

Select the number of matches they can play per day. You can use the advanced option here if you would like each division to have a different number.

Scroll down to view the schedule. All the checked matches, are scheduled matches which have been scheduled based on the settings just defined.  Should you uncheck one of your divisions in the Which Matches? section, you will notice that the checked matches in your schedule will change.

You can unselect matches if you would like to remove them. Once you are happy, select the Schedule Matches button at the bottom of your page.

To view the draw now, click on the draw name at the top of your screen.

Bigger events tend to be scheduled 1 Round at a time. You can also go through the scheduler as many times as is needed.  

Match Calendar

To view the schedule of matches on a calendar, click on Match Calendar on your tournament's home page.

The match calendar will show you the dates, the venue and the courts of each venue. 

You can drop and drag matches around the calendar and the details will automatically be saved to the schedule.

Scheduling Conflicts

Before publishing your schedule, you should check that there are no scheduling conflicts.  For instance, when drop and dragging a match on the match calendar, you may inadvertently drag a first round match after a second round match.

To check scheduling conflicts, click on Scheduling Conflicts on your tournament's home page.

The next window will show you Match Schedule Issues (if a match has been incorreclty scheduled, ie. a first round match is scheduled to play after a second round match), Player Scheduling Issues (if a player is scheduled to play too soon after their last game based on the rest time settings defined in the Auto Scheduler) and Court Scheduling Issues (if there are multiple matches scheduled on the same court at the same time). In the example below, matches were rearranged in the match calendar to demonstrate how the scheduling conflict tool works.

Scheduling Directly from the Draw

You can also schedule directly from your draw, to so this click on the draw you would like to schedule from your tournament's homepage.

Click on Schedule/Results below Draw. 

From the Action drop-down list, select Date / Time and in the pop-up window set the Court, date and time you would like to schedule the match for and click the Set Time button