Photo Gallery

  • Created : 8th January, 2017
  • Last Updated: 27th February, 2017

To add photographs to the Photo Gallery. Choose Photo Gallery from the People & Communications Menu.

The first step to Create a folder , essentially the "album". Give it a Name, decide if visible to members only or anyone and Save

Step 1        Step 2 & 3 

Now at the Photo Gallery page you can +Add Photos, Edit Folder or delete

If you choose to +Add Photos , it will open the Choose Files page. Select your photos and click Choose Files.

Once the photos have uploaded , will show 4 and the rest will be hidden until you open the folder.

Privacy Notice:

At the bottom of each photo is a privacy Clause. If anyone is not happy with the Photo whether for Inappropriate or Unflattering content? They can Click Here 

It will now come up with Why are you reporting this photo?  If a member submits a report the photo will e removed immediately and reviewed at a later stage. 

All the members or others, if you have made photos visible,  may be viewed from the photos on the main club profile page