Steps for Squash South Africa Players

  • Created : 13th March, 2017
  • Last Updated: 25th July, 2017

Squash players can now activate their profiles if they have not done so before. After your profile has been successfully activated you can renew your membership with Squash South Africa. Please choose the scenario that apply to you and follow the instructions.

Note: Some clubs do bulk Squash South Africa renewals for their members, if you are uncertain if your club has already paid for you, contact your club administrator.

  1. I need to activate my account and pay for my Squash SA membership 
    1. Click on these instruction links activate account and Squash SA Membership
  2. My account is active (I have a username and password setup already) but I need to pay for Squash SA Membership
    1.  Sign into your SportyHQ account and pay for your Squash SA Membership
  3. I am a new player and have never been part of Squash South Africa and I need to pay my membership fees 
    1. Your email address might still be in Squash South Africas database. Follow these steps just to make sure, activate account. If your email address is new you can simply continue with the new registration, after you have successfully registered, pay your membership fees Squash SA Membership
  4. My account may or may not be active but I did pay my membership dues for 2017
    1. All members who have paid will have a profile showing your membership is in good standing. If you have not activated your account follow these steps, activate accountIf you are certain you have paid but your membership shows as expired please send an email to with your proof of payment and your membership will be updated to reflect your payment. 

For further queries or questions please look at the help section if you are still having issues please email