Getting Started 1 - Admins

  • Created : 19th March, 2017
  • Last Updated: 25th July, 2017

You can find your league by doing a search for it or navigating to the league pages  

Your admin panel looks like this. Click on Clubs and add all clubs that are part of this league

Search your club and select. If you encounter a duplicate club, or your club does not exist please send an email to

This setup will only have to be done once. For the following years this information will be stored already. Continue to add all the clubs for your league.

Next up. From your admin panel click on league settings

League admins can add more league admins to help out

Next up create the teams (This process can be automated) See steps for manually creating the teams. From the admin panel click on Manage Events, Teams and Players

Create a new league for this season. Each year you will create a new event here. 

Fill in all the detail about the league format and scoring options

Now that your event is created lets start to get the divisions and teams in place. Click on Manage Divisions

Create the number of divisions or leagues you require.

Continue creating all the divisions or leagues you need. Then click on Create Teams (bulk) or manage divisions

Name the teams and select their home club

Next up click on Manage Division

Team captains can also add their team mates. To save time add them and send out a mass email asking captains to add their team mates. Otherwise manually add them

If the player does not exist in SportyHQ add him as a new player.

Set the captain

Continue until all leagues/ divisions, teams and players have been added.