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Would you like to collect entry fees using our online payment system?

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Performance Module Required ($0/month)
The club hosting the tournament will need to enable the Performance Module.
For more info, see the Facilities Pricing Page.
Payment Gateway Fees
% + per transaction.

We pass on our direct cost to you from our payment providers. These fees can vary slightly under certain conditions, but the rate above is what you should expect to pay on most transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum fee is simply the minimum amount we would charge for an event. If the transaction fees are more than the minimum, then you will not have to pay the minimum.
Yes. Please go ahead and setup your tournament and then contact us with the details of your event in the system. We are happy to support you.
No. You can go through the entire process, including opening your tournament for registrations. We will work with you to collect the minimum fee, if applicable, later.
Depending on your country, your entrants will be able to pay by credit card, and in some cases, bank transfer. We pay money out to you after your registration deadline closes, so that any refunds can be processed from the collected funds.
Yes. We are here to help. Please feel free to schedule a demo with our sales team.
Yes. We are able to accept most currencies around the world. Once you have created your tournament, please contact us to discuss your requirements.
We are committed to working with you to make sure you are able to use our platform. To discuss your unique requirements, please contact us.
To receive the waived minimum fee that is given to registered charities, please setup your tournament and then contact us with proof of your registered charity status.

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